Who's Johnny?

Andre just named the bike I built after that Short Circuit Movie.
I lifted the pic below from the Mooneyes site...
Its funny that you'll see all the invited builders bikes in the background.
No Disrespect...
My bike ended up there just by chance as Leo and I were hanging out at TriCo with the Canadians earlier in the day and because we had a van Dean from Dice asked us to transport some shit to the show.
We got there just as the 6OVER video began and when it finished we drove the van into the main grounds to unload the stuff for Dean and our bikes as it was the only place lit.
I put Johnny 5 under the awning planning to move it shortly after I had parked the van up in the loading lot.
A bad idea entered my mind as I thought to light a sparkler bomb at the same time.
Shit was a dud and madness ensued after so I had no chance to move the bike.
I had to jet from the show site.
The Frank bike is a hard starter, usually some stupid amount of kicks, but this time all it needed was one.
Right when the kicker snapped up I put it into first and hightailed it to the campsite.
I waited for Leo at the main road.
All I could think about was the Camp Marshall screaming into the woods after the dude who lit the sparkeler bomb.
The night ended without any explanations... Leo told the story to the crew.
I don't think they got it but all he and I had to do was look at eachother and laugh.
In the AM I couldn't make it to the show on time to snag it as I had to honor a friend in need.
Jameson and Green shit will strain a brain...
All cliche stuff aside I took my first ride on the bike today and had to reflect on another awesome time in SoCal.
Not sure it translates in text but some documentation was necessary.
I put a shitload of time and stupid money into that bike and in the end nothing can take the memories back from me.
It would not have come together without help from Mike Nazroff and Josh Ewing.
Mackenzie, Biagio and Thom too
You create for a reason and the process, in this case the collaboration, rewarded me in some way I still don't quite get.
I'm pretty hard headed with some lack of comprehension so I'm sure I'm missing something.
I think its the fact that I was posessed to build this bike...
The one thing I get is that those who master this craft are on another level.
Sourcing parts is witchcraft and making them fit is not science but surgery.
What you cant extract from their work is the many many hours they put into refining their product.
Johnny 5 is my stick weld short circuit homage to that same energy.
I'm not sure I'll get the opportunity to build another bike but this one was all out of respect for those who continue to take ideas and make shit happen.

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