In The Desert, Nothing Is Definitively Lost, Especially To Those Who Can Find ...

The Man From Tan-Tan and His Camel
Super Chopper who Cares about Fact Mr Emile Leray?
No Brakes and a PHD Dude Still Failed To Estimate His Build Time...
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Upon his arrival, the Royal Gendarmerie strongly discourages him to continue further, as the area beyond Tilemsem has been banned, following new developments in the conflict between years Morocco and Western Sahara. Emile must turn around obviously and the military asked him more for taking on board a licensee to bring it back to Tan-Tan. Analyzing the situation, and seeing his draft raid thwarted Emile evoke an insurance issue that does not allow it to carry passengers, arguing that his CV 2 is already very busy. He knows it is frowned upon in Africa not to take a traveler to board his car in these circumstances. He will play the naivety and misunderstanding by adopting the attitude of the tourist not really aware of local customs. Emile then returned to Tan-Tan in the sight annoyed and disapproving of the military. He leaves at a good pace, as he fears they will not follow and he wants to stay away from the eyes of those he has just left. His plan is to bypass the area off-track and return its initial direction ... After a few kilometers, it leaves the track on the right and ran down a rocky and uneven ground. After a moment, after the strongest jolt, the car jumped and brutally hits a rock. It has to stop because the 2CV no longer responds very well and for good reason. Wheel arm bent and broken spar ... Emile holds up camp around the 2CV rugged and reflects on the situation. It is a few tens of kilometers from Tan-tan, he could walk to, but he takes the risk of leaving a car in a bad point but certainly can still attract lust. Not to mention his equipment. In the desert, nothing is definitively lost, especially to those who can find ... It has enough food and water to take a seat, and he made a decision to say the least astonishing: from the wreck, it will build a two-wheeler! He carefully considered one by one all the technical barriers that entails and PhD in mechanical African has all the tools and elements for a successful operation. The next morning, he begins to dismantle the 2CV, first removing the shell it will use as a shelter against the cool nights and sandstorms. Against the burning sun, with no long-sleeved shirts, it manufactures sleeves with a pair of socks. With what remains in a state of the car, Emile Leray will attempt to build a motorcycle. The night brought counsel and he mentally reviewed all the steps and difficulties involved in this crazy project ... A project that he probably had to think long, but without having had the opportunity to make it happen. The wheel arm (which should be removed one inch - with a hacksaw) are fitted upside down on a chassis reduced its forward and aft spars. The engine and the gearbox are then laid on the chassis, in the center. It will reserve space for the battery and keep the tank and an empty luggage. Without neglecting the development of the steering system. The most surprising aspect of this bike is 2 CV transmission. She is inspired by that of VĂ©losolex. It is a drum which drives the rear wheel by friction, and which, by the laws of physics and mechanics, forced to drive with reverse. Disassemble the gearbox to reverse the differential would have been too risky in this world of sand ... It seems unthinkable to assemble this machine in the desert without using drill and welding equipment. All parts will be assembled by screwing. When drilling, it will be in Africa: the piece of metal is bent 90 ° to form an edge. At a certain point, this edge is weakened to the hacksaw or round file. At the edge of drilling, must be returned to the flat part and filed to puncture point by means of a hammer and a punch. The assemblies were made as much as possible according to the original holes of the chassis or engine block-box. The rest is a matter of time, conditioned by the exhaustion of food. Emile believes should take three days to build his bike, he will in twelve actually ... So there will be a big element of uncertainty to complete this project and it will not be easy to achieve if one might think. The possibility of failure remained present throughout the adventure, giving the mechanic a few solitary anguish. The 2 HP motor was not designed for comfort, of course, this is a rather secondary was not mandatory in what might be called the specification. The prototype has therefore not benefited from certain changes desirable. You should know that, for example, the exhaust is free, so the nose and ears benefit greatly pollution engine. The bike has no brakes, it does not Bilge-feet, allowing at least to constantly monitor the trajectory with the feet, because the machine lacked stability. At the first attempt to start, the bike has a sun, causing a scare to Emile, who nearly caught under 200 kg of his machine. The settings of the clutch and accelerator were particularly tedious to perform. It took several times dismantle, adjust, and reassemble the parts to ensure optimum operation. Similarly, the trials were punctuated by frequent falls, not serious, but the camel face steel wheels to two has been particularly physically demanding for the camel ... All these circumstances have contributed to extend the stay of Emile in the desert. The final day will focus on setting and testing and cleaning of the location of the camp. This is an opportunity to capture the moment with a small camera connected to the trigger by a long string. Emile raises the middle of a place that was the scene in March 1993, an unusual feat. He left the next afternoon, leaving the parts that he will use in the hull of the 2CV. He carried with him the rest of his food, (more than a half liters of water), sleeping, toolbox, not to mention maps and compass. A small foam pad and a towel sewn together will form the tent. After a bumpy ride and a few stops for mechanical improvements, he plays and sleeps next to a runway. On the night he was awakened by three soldiers in 4x4, one immediately recognizes the "tourist" to Tilemsem. Very angry to find it in the restricted area, a doubt explanations of Emile Leray; the accident, then the transformation by motorcycle. Quite intrigued by the machine, but totally incredulous, he wants to see the carcass of the 2CV to have proof of this unlikely story. The sergeant decided to put an armed guard outside the tent and the bike, then embarks Emile in the 4x4. After an hour of searching in the dark, the remains of the 2 CV will not be found. Back at camp, Emile is allowed to rest close to the motorcycle until sunrise, watched a hundred yards away by the military in their 4x4. The next day, the carcass will be found and obviously, the military relax. Emile was later learned that the caller wanted to retrieve parts abandoned to his brother ... In the morning, is ordered to Emile resume his motorcycle, and he was ordered to ride before the 4x4. The convoy left at a slow pace towards Tan-Tan. But further falls seriously agaceront the military, railing against this machine does not advance. He will call another radio 4x4 that will recover 2 HP motor. Arriving at Tan-Tan on April 6, things get complicated ... with their share of red tape. At the provincial governor, a minutes is established, and the Royal Gendarmerie. The vehicle was impounded. Emile was unpleasantly surprised to learn that he must pay a fee of 4,500 dirhams. He is very unhappy because the customs officer had spoken on the eve of mere formalities. The vehicle with which it moves is dangerous, and it no longer matches the description of the vehicle registration. "The offense of importing a vehicle not conforming" ... By paying, he will recover his bike, but with the ban on driving, and recover his freedom of movement. One could say a lot about the mishap on the complicated relationship that Africans and Europeans oppose the issue of money ... The next day, Emile is convened to sign the forms to leave the country, and will be able to go to France. He thinks back as soon as possible to recover the bike, but until then, he must find a place to park. There is no question that he leaves to the pound, it may cost him dear, and the place is not kept. A customs more understanding than his colleagues willing to take the camel steel home and until he returns to Morocco. A month later with another 2 CV, Emile has 3500 km between Rennes and Tan-Tan to come pick the bike, disassembled into 3 parts ... Since then, the camel-steel bike has had the honors of the press and participated in several events such as the lounge of Adventure and one of the inventors of Rennes, the fiftieth anniversary of the 2CV in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Motorcyclists are not forgetting the heart. Emile will return to Africa several times, and a trip in 2006 will be another opportunity for African PhD in mechanical engineering from exercising his talent for transmutation on the camel steel ... For more information: full story and technical details in 2CV Magazine March-April 2003

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