Goin Back in Time

A few Pics From the Inaugural Capitol Hill Climb That took Place Wednesday
Todd will release more pro-style stuff I'll link to down the line
I stopped by on my way back from Georgetown after 2 seconds at the VME on Airport Way and was stoked
The rain stopped for 4 hrs and allowed just enough time to get together
Dalen got a few bros bikes into Neumos and I'm encouraging him to DJ and BBQ too
My First 100 Free Beer Idea Did not Fly
Ben managed to scrape a pedal on his moped
He supermanned that mo and escaped EMT fines
I snapped a pic just before I left to get my bike knowing he had a concussion
I ended up with a bit of a headache too but luckily had a spare battery tucked away
Love your bike even while you push it
Hills are a bit harder to climb on feet but work better than a kickstart

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