Skatepark Anxieties

I really cant stand the feel of that concrete...

Seattle seen in the background is pretty damn grey this time of year and I won't hesitate to say that more than once regardless of ISO and focus shifts.

The kid on the bike made the whole thing worth while when he rambled on about how his ride was cursed and I couldn't have agreed more.

Carl and I relate on a few topics.

I urged him to do something backside on this ledge.

Outside of skate I often question his nonchalance.

But that's the uncle in me.

Shit that sounds creepy.

Keep it smooth dude.


  1. I remember skating SF with Carl and Peter. Carl had a pinched nerve and couldn't really skate, but I remember him talking all this shit about how you shouldn't do back smiths at all if you can't do em on a ledge dipped out. How there's no point in fucking around with not so dipped ones. I thought, "Who the fuck does this kid think he is? He's not even skating right now, just talking shit." I guess this photo is his license to talk all the shit he wants.

  2. AAh man... the skate hate and its consequences. Carl just got his license to drive and has been full-a shit since day one. It kinda runs in the family tho... rad to see his skill progress nonetheless. I'm full on the think to apply that same energy on each endeavor. "That ledge is like life - Man." Fuck... I'm all for the young ones being radder than the old ones for the most part. Except Kirchart - no one will be radder than that dude.